Innovative Solutions for Process, Engineering & Production Improvement

Our Services

We are a one-stop service provider for a wide range of production lines and electro-mechanical systems for various industry sectors. We provide the highest possible standards of quality in design, construction and ongoing maintenance to our clients' facilities.

Process design, audit, consulting, engineering & management

  • Thoroughly examine our client’s manufacturing processes and identify opportunities for cost and time savings, increased health and safety, energy efficiency and improved productivity
  • Scope usually entails the upgrade to more efficient equipment and machineries, application of the latest state-of-the-art technology, design and fabrication of special machines, installation of modern monitor and control systems, and training of personnel
  • We can also contribute extensively to new processes for new production lines or new plants
  • For new processes or product lines, we can handle the whole project from process design to equipment selection, machine design, installation, implementation and maintenance