Innovative Solutions for Process, Engineering & Production Improvement

Our Services

We are a one-stop service provider for a wide range of production lines and electro-mechanical systems for various industry sectors. We provide the highest possible standards of quality in design, construction and ongoing maintenance to our clients' facilities.

Heating, ventilation & air conditioning

In view of the increasing attention being given to climate change arising from greenhouse gas emissions, the need for industrial, commercial and public sector organization control their operating costs, and the rapidly changing energy marketplace, we at Sunnhy Day Environmental provide a line of energy management services designed to address the world`s modern-day energy and environmental concerns.

We specialize in energy conservation and the analysis of energy consumption and advise our clients on the most economical technology, equipment, system and scheme for a wide range of situations. We offer professional and unbiased advice and solutions that typically result in 10% to 40% energy savings, not to mention the reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.